LIISI OJAMAA (26.II.1972 – 8.X.2019)

Ilmunud Vikerkaares 1990, nr 9

Holy (Sex Pistols / Unlimited Edition)

I saw your face dimly
through the night that surrounded us
Your body was hot
& I felt your hair against my cheek
You were asleep
& I was too happy
so happy that I felt like crying
You still held my hand
& I couldn’t wipe off the tears
that came running down my face
I didn’t know anything
I didn’t want to know
The city lay somewhere under our bodies
I could feel it breathing
sound asleep
like a child of ours
the future child that had died
somewhere between the sheets
never reaching my body
The singing sea was somewhere
under the dark sky
& the rosy fog of sunrise
touched the world’s edges
I thought I felt the Earth turn
For me
the night won’t end
till another night
that will never come

Dream Song

In a dream I heard
a voice that called me
it sounded silent
as from far
I could not move
I felt like falling
’cause it was you
my guiding star

Seems you were made
to keep me dreaming
to light my way
through darkest nights
You called my name
I stood believing
that you were near
so warm so bright

As I woke up
that autumn morning
the rain was cold
the wind could freeze
But in my mind
you still keep calling
But in my mind
& in my dreams


Summers cool & winters freezing
Seems no years are passing by
& you’re still the same little girlie
Knowing not the threat of Time
Dreaming still of handsome princes
Sometimes crying in the night
Writing poems without meaning
Trying to stand the fight for life

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